The Global Cooling Project

Project Outline

Brief Summary


This project will support widespread rainwater harvesting in carefully chosen locations in several tropical regions. This will increase cloud formation, and create a regional and global cooling effect.

Rainwater Harvesting

More Soil Moisture

More Clouds

Global Cooling

The feasibility of this approach is supported by a signigicant amount of scientific research on land-atmosphere interactions, and by consultations we have had with senior UK scientists, such as Professor Peter Cox from the UK Meteorological office.

Major advantages of this approach

Read more about the local, regional and global benefits of the project.

Project Current Status

The Global Cooling Project is now ready to go into action, with initial implementation in West Africa, followed by Florida, India and Australia. Four separate teams will be conducting implementation, with a science/coordination team (see Project Phases for details.)

Next steps

With the science now well-established, we are at a point where substantial work needs to be done to get the project underway. Priorities are team-building, careful selection of areas to work in, setting up evaluation and replication systems etc. An initial £350,000 is needed for the first 12 months.

Further information